I write stuff, make games and host a podcast.

Write what stuff? Make games? Podcasting?

Ok, you asked.


I am always writing. Be it on my phone or laptop or pen and paper.

I’ve contributed writing to every game I’ve worked on (see below), and am currently working on a comic book with artist Eric Vedder for the Raid Studio.

My most significant endeavor is an epic fantasy novel, currently titled: To Steal the Sun. It’s in the final stages of editing. Hopefully more about that soon.


I’ve been working in the games industry for the past 15 years. I’ve been a producer, a creative director, writer, and designer.

Currently, I work on WARFRAME. A fantastic free to play, space ninja game. If you haven’t tried it — go here now!


Past titles that I’m most proud of?



War with Art is the name of the creativity podcast I work on weekly. If you’re an aspiring creator, please give it a listen.

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