To STeal The Sun

Audiobook, Kindle, Physical

When Raik, the most cunning smuggler this side of the desert, finds where the Ivory King vaults his magical runes—he builds a crew to execute an elaborate heist.

Among them is Kahli Mahanta, a religious assassin with blind ambition. A young rogue, Kirin, with wit sharper than his arrows ought to be. And Amara, the so-called Nightspirit, whose raven-hair conceals even darker secrets.

It won’t be easy. They’re opposed by the curved blades of the magic-deranged, watched by a paranoid king, and hunted by gaunt beasts that click in the cold desert night… All the while discovering that trusting each other might be the most dangerous mission of all.

To Steal The Sun is a tale of unlikely heroes thrust together in a new refreshing fantasy. One cast in vibrant silks, fragrant spice, and the relentless glare of a radiant sun.

S.M. CARTER is an author and game developer.

As an author, his debut fantasy-heist novel, TO STEAL THE SUN, released in September of 2022 and is published by Raid Press. He has contributed to multiple comic anthologies and writes the ongoing cinematic novel series, AARDEHN, in collaboration with artist Eric Vedder.

As a game developer, he is credited as creative director of THE DARKNESS 2, and is one of the creators of the smash-hit game WARFRAME.

He lives in London, Ontario, Canada with his wife, two children, and dog.

He once caught a fly with chopsticks.